Where is TPD located?

Trio Photography and Design is located in beautiful Greenwood, IN.  I am just a few miles from Indianapolis and service all of Central Indiana.  I can also come to you if you live in northern or southern Indiana.  Visit the Session Pricing tab for information on the mileage policy.

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High School Senior Rep. Program

So you are interested in being a Senior Rep for Trio?  Awesome!  So, what does that mean?  I am looking for individuals who are friendly, fun loving, loves to have their picture taken, agrees to purchase a full Senior Session with Trio by the end of your Senior year, will represent Trio Photography and Design in a way that will promote TPD and continue it's good reputation and is willing to actively recruit other Seniors to have their Senior Sessions with Trio.  You will also need to "like" my business page on Facebook and promote me on your page from time to time.  Here is my facebook page: www.facebook.com/triophotography


What does all that mean?  Lets take it step by step.

1. Friendly and fun loving - Well, friendly and fun loving makes for good pictures...so that is pretty self explanatory.

2. Loves to have their picture taken - Again, I think this is fairly self explanatory...if you hate having your picture taken, this probably isn't the job for you.

3. Agrees to purchase a full Senior Session with TPD 2016 or 2017 - Well I can't give you everything for free :)  I am looking for loyalty in my Senior Reps.  If you want to be in the program, you have to be willing to pay me for your full Senior Session...more on that later.

4. Will represent Trio in a way that will promote it and continue it's good name...that is the big one -  I don't want my company represented by someone who is unkind to others...if that is you, please don't waste  my time.  If you agree to be a Senior rep, I will hold you to this.  If you want the be the one talking smack about someone on your Facebook, you won't be a rep for me.  No mean girls, or guys, allowed!

5. Willing to actively recruit other Seniors to have their sessions with me - Do I mean you have to go door to door or stalk fellow Seniors in the hallway to get me some business?  No, but you will be given rep cards to pass out to others Seniors that are not already commited to having their sessions done with someone else and want to have theirs done with me.  This is not just a way to get me more sessions; you get to show your pretty (or handsome) face around on super cool and trendy rep cards and this helps you (well, your parents anyway).  Keep reading...


Okay, so I agree to do all that for you, what do I get?

1. Super awesome pictures that bring out the real you and showcases your personality.

2. A FREE mini session and FREE rep cards to distribute (with your super awesome photos on them) and my information.

3. A FREE custom smart phone app loaded with images from your mini session (and updated with images from your full session) to show off those gorgeous images from your phone!

4. Special little goodies like: A FREE 10x10 open house photo book for your friends and family to leave you congrats and well wishes when two or more seniors book off of your rep cards!  A FREE hair and makeup session for your full senior session or a $50 gift card one senior books off your rep card.  Have 3 seniors book off your rep card and you will earn enough print credits to get a FREE print package ($125 value)!  Once you have 4 seniors that book with your cards and complete a session with me, you will earn a free full session!  Have more than 4 book, you start earning $20 for each senior over 4 for gift cards to your favorite shoe store, clothing store, gas station, you name it!


Alright MY PARENTS and I agree to all of this, what now?  Complete the online application here.  I will get the info and contact you to set up an in-person appointment with you and your parents!


Talk to you soon!